Friday, April 8, 2016

Lyrics: Cosmic Gate ft. Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful

I Feel Wonderful
Cosmic Gate ft. Jan Johnston

I feel wonderful

The first moment before the first touch
We know the longing
We have to hold each other
I will drown you in love
Must suffocate your needs
Now we're healed
We have our own language

I feel wonderful
I could skydive from the moon
Sail an ocean on my fingertips
When the wind screams my name
Take his hand and pray
To run run run to you

I feel wonderful

I feel wonderful

Collect your words
I have them when you're gone
I silently smile
Even miss you in my sleep

No rush no loss no lies
This journey is our love
You're my hero
From heaven did you call

Released in 2005. Covers Skydive by Freefall and Jan Johnston which was released in 1998.

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