Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lyrics: RAM ft. Stine Grove - Forever and A Day

Forever and A Day
RAM ft. Stine Grove

I'll show you I love you
I'll show you I care
I'll tell you everything you want and need to hear

I'll heal your sorrow as long as I'm here
I'll make you smile again so loud and clear

When your daylight disappears
When the storm is coming near
When you feel like hope is gone, lean on me – I'll be strong
Let it all out now, it will be ok
Cause I'm gonna heal you now, forever and a day
Don't you give up now, it will be ok
Cause I'm gonna fight for you forever and a day

Released September 26, 2016 on Grotesque Music (Grotesque036). Single from RAM's album "Forever Love" released June 29, 2015 on Black Hole Recordings (BHCD135).

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